If you’re stuck for ideas on how to communicate a difficult or unique message, either to your customers or staff, then animation and motion graphics are the perfect solution for you!

Enhance your message, engage your audience, and build your brand with MICOMM’s animation and motion graphics!

Animation and motion graphics are fantastic tools for communicating something that can’t be easily conveyed in person or text. Sometimes a message is too important, difficult, or complex to convey using other forms of media. With animation and motion graphics, you can make things happen that are usually outside the realms of reality, yet come under your typical corporate video production budgets.

MICOMM’s animation and motion graphics allow you to present essential information in a simple yet fun and engaging way.

Animation can be explained as the illusion of movement created through viewing the rapid sequence of images, where each is slightly different from the previous. Motion graphics are digital animations in the form of text, logos, icons and infographics. These can be utilised in both animation clips and real life videos.

MICOMM’s innovation in animation and motion graphics will ensure your message is conveyed, and not lost in the crowd!



  • With animation and motion graphics the possibilities are endless, your imagination is the only limit!
  • Animations and motion graphics are great for complex safety messages (especially when it conveys dangerous situations).
  • It is proven that video presentations improve people’s understanding of your product of service by over 70%

Animation is a unique way to communicate
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