Strategic Communication and Marketing

With backgrounds in corporate communication, public relations, media and marketing, plus the ability to draw on 30 years of MICOMM experience, our current team of highly skilled and knowledgeable communication professionals possesses broad industry knowledge and experience in government, commercial, industrial, small business and mining environments.

This balance and mix of skills means our solutions are fully integrated and our innovative and creative approach ensures all communication is delivered with impact and relevancy.

With an internal production department and a support network of design, print, electronic and technical specialists, MICOMM brings together a range of resources to achieve the optimum result for each project.

Communication assessment and strategy development

How a company or organisation obtains, stores and uses its information is the key to its success. Barriers to the availability of relevant and timely information is reflected externally in unsatisfactory relationships with customers and internally between individuals and between departments. This in turn leads to internal conflict and uncertainly and prevents the company from achieving maximum productivity and efficiency.

A communication assessment is a professional research method that will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current internal and external communication processes. Our report will identify gaps, help clarify your strategic communication aims, identify your key target audiences and make recommendations as to how your communication outcomes can be improved.

Corporate and internal communications

From annual reports to simple newsletters, what you say and how you say it is crucial to your business success. Everything you do and say is a reflection of your values and goes toward building attitudes and perceptions of your company or organisation. Employees play a pivotal role in establishing these attitudes and in building positive perceptions. They need to clearly understand the company’s core values and reflect these in every communication and action.

At MICOMM we can work with you and guide you on how to build your reputation the way you want to be seen.

Public and media relations

Deciding key messages and developing a plan of targeted stories to reach your key audiences in a positive manner helps build your organisation’s profile and can assist in shifting perceptions. (Not all publicity is good publicity). Achieving ongoing good news publicity requires long-term development of a professional relationship with the media.

Working with you we can help you build rapport with a range of media and, in so doing, smooth the way to manage issues should they occur.

Crisis communication planning and management

The aim of communication crisis management is to keep stakeholders informed of a crisis in a controlled manner, that is by getting the right information out to the right people. This includes the media, company management and employees, shareholders, government representatives and the local community.

It is better to be prepared for the unexpected, as much as one can be, rather than stumble around at the last minute, or worse, when ambushed by the media. A well-structured plan for communicating with stakeholders is crucial when managing change or needing to respond to employee and public concerns over a specific issue.

Every organisation should have a crisis communication plan that includes media training.

Community consultation and engagement

The impact your local and wider communities can have on your business and its plans can be the difference between the success or failure of a project. It is critical that you consider and engage people at the right time with the right tone and message to ensure their support.

MiCOMM is experienced in developing community engagement campaigns and materials and working with you to connect with your communities.


Presentation and media training

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Effective public speaking comes naturally to very, very few people. MICOMM has extensive experience in providing presentation and media skills training for representatives of major industrial and mining companies and will develop a training package suited to your requirements. Whether it is presenting to staff, communicating with the public or the media we are able to create tailored training to facilitate improving specific skills for personnel at all levels within your organisation from senior management to supervisor level.

More and more often people in business are being asked to present their ideas, services and products to a variety of audiences. Invariably, the presenters who make the most positive impressions are those who understand how to tune in to an audience—their style, mood and specific needs.

The same presenters are also conscious of—and skillfully use—a range of options and techniques to make the most of their voice, eye contact, gestures, movement and visual aids.

The MICOMM Presentation Skills Program is a comprehensive program that helps produce outstanding individual and team results.


Effective marketing is crucial to the success of any business.

We strive to ensure our clients receive innovative marketing solutions which achieve business goals, create brand awareness and engage with their target audience.

Here at MICOMM we are here to help your business tackle all things marketing, may it be completely reinvigorating your marketing plan or starting one from scratch, to creating unique social media content to get your marketing ball rolling.

It is important to understand that everything your business says and does reflects company values, which then shapes consumer perceptions of your organisation. We will work with you to put marketing techniques in place that will ensure positive and preferred attitudes and perceptions are created and associated with your brand.

We tailor all marketing efforts to suit your business’ specific needs. With 30 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on our extensive marketing experience, knowledge and success. One thing that makes MICOMM stand out is that we don’t leave you in the dark, we teach you as we go so in the future you can be confident you are leading your business’ marketing in the right direction.

MICOMM are the leaders in innovative technology and we can offer our clients the latest in marketing trends. We can enhance the promotion of you brand through the use of Augmented Reality. Put simply this is the ability to take static marketing ideas and brush them with a bit a Si-Fi reality. Your marketing can come to life !!!


Marketing Services:

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plans
  • Brand Development – Logo, Colour Schemes, Slogans, Imagery etc.
  • Frontline Marketing – Interview and Presentation Training
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Development and Content Creation
  • Social Media – Social Media Strategy and Content Creation
  • Business Apps for cost effective communications
  • Blogs, Feeds and Social Media Marketing
  • Television, Radio and Print Advertising – Creation and Media Planning
  • Marketing Collateral – inc. Posters, Brochures, Capability Statements, Newsletters, Annual Reports
  • Promotions and Event management


Public Relations - Communicating your message effectively
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