Time waits for no-one. If you miss it, it’s gone forever. You only get one chance to capture the moment.

We can capture an important event or development that may have occurred over days, months or years and compress it to be viewed in a few seconds or minutes.

We can use a fixed time lapse system for long term projects or mobile systems for short term or tilt shift time lapse projects.

MICOMM’s fixed time-lapse system is the ideal way to capture and store every minute of your project in a format that’s easily accessible to re-live a particular moment or show off to clients and investors. Our integrated, weatherproof, Australian-made time lapse systems are mounted at suitable vantage points and programmed to capture images at any interval that you require. The systems are self-contained with solar panels installed where mains power is not available.

MICOMM manages the maintenance of all equipment and provides you with a link to a dedicated web page that allows you to view current and archived images at any time. The system allows remote download of high resolution images for any required time and date via a wireless 3G connection, and remote checking of images or errors and reconfiguration of the camera.

Our mobile and tilt shift time lapse gives a unique perspective on an event or location. These are great for tourism, busy shopping precincts or community events.

We can produce a time lapse movie at any stage of the project to show development that may have taken weeks, months or years to complete.

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